Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Workshop -- Day 1 Blind Contour Drawing

Ok before you say anything give me a second to explain. MCK is doing something this week to which I have been looking forward since the summer. Everyday this week we are doing a different painting exercise. Then she will only give us one week to start and finish the painting. The idea is to do a series of different studies to familiarize ourselves completely with the model and the pose so that when we start the painting we should have a really good idea of what to do!

So here on this first day the assignment is to draw the model, without looking at the paper! Oh man, when I did this over the summer I was sooo frustrated but this time I just had fun! I remembered Rob's disposition -- he was so cool and was actually laughing at his drawings so that's what I ended up doing. Trust me there are like 6 pages of these weird drawings but here are a few quickies. The first is what the actual pose will be for next week. The other is me trying to focus on the face. They look like strange cubist/linear nightmares but trust me I DID NOT look at the paper once (as you can see) =P Looking forward to tomorrow!

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