Monday, November 8, 2010

Working from Reference =\

(Saturday, the 6th)

Well this was my first attempt at finishing this piece from reference photos back home in NYC. I was nervous because my instinct was telling me that I had so much left to do on this one, and the photos were not EXACTLY the right angles, etc. So I first had to go thru about 70 reference photos that I took with my trusty iPhone and I narrowed it down to 22, and of these there's basically one that I keep looking at.

Well I'm relieved to say that I overestimated how much work was left on this portrait! The good news about the reference pix is that I can get the nose and eyes much more accurately than ever before. There are some real subtle and tricky angles in her nose, but they make all the difference in the world with regards to getting the likeness more accurate.

What sux about the pix is, simply put, the color.

But hey check out the hair, which i feel has great texture now, and her eyes have gotten much better. Shouldnt take more than 3 solid sessions to finish this =)

(tonight's progress)

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