Monday, August 22, 2011

Hello Again, It's Been Too Long

Did you miss me?

I guess I tried to move the blog over to Tumblr and that didn't work. I wasn't into the interface and now I'm back.

Well there's a lot going on with the painting and such, but it seems to be mixed into some personal issues with which I am currently dealing. In general it's difficult to see why one should keep on with all this, and usually not much gets me down, but right now it's all just harder.

Having said that here's what's on the horizon:
1. I may be getting a commission to do 3-4 portraits as part of a dissertation.
2. I am about to apply to my first Artist-in-Residency program.
3. I have been invited to be an artist a great sculptor group for public installations.
4. I am in the planning stages to start up my own artist group.

I'll speak to each of these in turn over the next few days, hopefully.

Until then, I just finished my latest portrait, and will show it hopefully tmrw, so take care all.