Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 3 -- Painting From Memory

Ok so there are always 2 models in the studio and we pick our spots and model on which to focus. So in today's assignment we were told to look at the other model in the studio, stay in our spots, and paint from memory.

How to approach this? Well I think last time I cheated a bit, so this time I didnt give a fuck about making the image look realistic at all. I was just interested in making the thing resemble that which I could remember of the model. It's funny that the picture ends up looking like a cartoon, but I like the shapes, colors, and composition. I think it's pretty cool for a study of the model from memory. (I tried to stare at her as long as possible without looking back and forth, which I thought was cheating-ish. I only did that for the details in the face etc.)