Friday, November 12, 2010

MCK Workshop Finale


This week is a bust! I feel like everything that I was supposed to get out of the studies last week didnt take! Im a goon! (FYI monday the model was absent and my painting sucked SO BAD on tuesday that I didnt even take a pic) So by the end of wed. my disgusting "painting" was so out out of proportion that I had to erase the head, as you can see. I must have redrawn it like 3 times and EACH time i redrew it in the same INCORRECT way. (ugh!)


When MCK came over she basically said that I needed to put in the colors (accurately) of the elements in the background. Once those were in the colors of the model would make more sense. I did, and she was right.

"Spot on," she said and then let out a little laugh.


I didn't hate this painting anymore, just wanted to work it. I got the other background and foreground colors in more accurately. It was instantly easier to see the skin tones and work them. I added the hint of a little line here and there and I think it serves to create a unified little world of this painting. I wish I was in this groove earlier in the week, but lesson learned. So here's what I got out of this 2 week workshop:
  • Accurate color is everything.
  • Worry about getting the shapes correct with their colors.
  • Background/foreground elements have as much impact on the subject as the light on the subject itself.
  • Details will be revealed (are easier) thru the course of getting the major colors/shapes accurate (so don't worry so much about them)

What an amazing lesson to be learned, thanks so much MCK.

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