Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Urban Landscape1

Ok I got back from the 2010 Grant Winners Exhibition and was again inspired by my role model, Beñat Iglesias. Among other amazing work he has this wall of small landscape paintings that are phenomenal. I started my own versions but don't really know what landscapes look like being a city kid all my life so here it is.

The scene is Queens Blvd/Continental Ave. on a normal day (as I see it). The top pic was the beginning of the painting (yesterday) which is kinda weird. Because it's the smallest I've ever worked (8 x 10 in.) I can cover a lot more canvas with minimal brushstroke. On the downside the smallest bit that Im off makes a huge difference.

Below is tonight's version which already is starting to come to life. I find that the paint is taking FOREVER to dry, so I have to make bolder brushstrokes loaded with paint to make an impression on the canvas. Maybe in a few more nights this will be done. But this has made me want to put out a series of Urban Landscapes -- more to follow!

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