Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 4/Finished!

When MCK critiqued this time she focused on the drawing more than anything. Her biggest problem was his forehead, saying that it should be larger, and when she made the correction, other pieces soon became more obvious that had to change (such as the neck and hair line).

I was willing to make the forehead and neck change, but I felt like there was no time to change the top of the head and still have time enough to add the details.

On this last day I was reticent to add the facial hair as details, but I knew it would really sell the likeness. In the meantime, this painting has brought more classmates over to me than the previous paintings. They say I'm developing a style, but to me I'm just trying to do what MCK says and listen and read and make a good painting.

But, with the push from Jackie, I tackled the facial hair and was AMAZED at what it did to the painting. It really came to life and Jackie stopped mid-pose to tell me so! It felt GREAT.

I studied this painting on my train ride to school, and knew that I had to fix the background, add facial and necklace details, and color the new forehead/neck, and of course add the highlights. I worked at it and executed the plan -- even working straight thru the long break -- and here you have it.

I feel this is the best work Ive done so far and wish you could see it in person or at least that I could take a better picture of it. Either way, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

This is a really strong painting. The eyes are framed very dramatically and the simplification of the figure adds to the drama. I love the highlights coming from the forehead, down to the nose and landing on the chin and neck.

LKM said...

Rudy - I think this one is my favorite yet. You are right the facial hair & accents really do make it feel like the subject could just pop off the canvas and walk away. I love it. Great work. Can't wait to see more...

Your old friend & faithful follower :) - Lisa K. McCall (nee Mitchell)

rudy said...

Oh wow, comments! Very exciting. Thank you both, twas a surprise that there was someone reading this, so thanks again. Tell yo' friends 'bout me, son! =)