Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 2 & 3 -- Progress-ish

(Day 2)

Ok so I'm getting the major shapes in place and the darks and lights are starting to make more sense. Again, this was done with the squinting technique. The likeness isnt there yet and I wish MCK would magically appear over my shoulder and let me know how to push it forward...

(End of Day 3)

Here the colors are working much better as they are more accurate. Also Im happy to report that I went back to drawing and found out that I had put in the neck lines to long, and by shortening them, the face makes more sense. By going back to drawng, I noticed a few lines in the subject that helped to define the form. Unfortunately, the overall expression looks like she's in disdain, which is TOTALLY off the mark, but should be fixed in the next session :) I also think the texture of the hair is starting to make more sense.

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