Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Days 6-7 Discouraged

(Day 6)

(Day 7)

I WANT TO BURN MY PANEL! How did this all happen. How did this painting get away from me -- again! Ugh, it was all going so well, you saw it didn't you?!

It's been two days and my painting has been butchered. A villain has come in for the past two fuckin days and laid waste to my once ok painting.

The scoundrel was me!

Two days ago MCK told me to shorten the nose a bit and rework the ear completely. Look at the first piece of shit picture. Looks like the model got hacked in a nose job, and her lips have been turned into a duck.

How can I recover from that! Today I tried my best to get it back. I got to class on time and spent the ENTIRE time working solely in the nose and ear -- but wait I also found a way to fuck up the shadows on her cheek.

The more I worked the more it got away. You cannot imagine the manner in which emotions start to fuckin affect the painting when it's really getting a way from you. It's a total fucking snowball effect.

I couldn't even mix the right colors, I was like a plodding idiot -- "Duh, um, how do I mix red and blues, duh!" So towards the end I focused on the ear, redrawing it with black lines, and then painting accordingly, trying to trust me eyes again.

I think the ear looks better than any previous version in the painting. I tried to make the nose/mouth work better in a very general manner, so that I can attack it tomorrow. Only two more days to finish -- I want semblance of a completed painting.

I can only hope that MCK can help somehow in this colossal fuck up.

The best part of yesterday was, of all things, cleaning up! I've been introduced to THE BEST fuckin brush cleaner of all time, Jack's Linseed Studio Soap (the commercial sux but the product is kickass). It cleaned my brushed like I had always expected them to be cleaned by a soap product. I was doubtful when the guys at the store suggested it, but they were sooooo right.

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