Sunday, September 26, 2010

Porcu's Écorché Class - Constructing the Armature

Im exhausted. Got to class at 8:30 am for my second class, ready to finish my armature drawing to get ready to bend the wire to begin the écorché. The drawing became a bit tedious with people finishing it with varying degrees of precision. As for me, I wasn't the most technical (some folks had a compass for drawing the head) but I just wanted to make sure the drawing would serve as a guideline so that I can bend the wire.

Porcu shows up and is ready to go! He checks all our drawings and then begins to show us how to use a vice grip to straighten the wire, bend the wire using pliers, and mark of sections for bends using the drawing as a template. His demonstration was great, and you can tell how much experience he has, making it look so easy and efficient.

The rest of the time was spent cutting and bending our one piece of wire into 3 pieces, and mounting them into the base. This took 3 hours! The time flew by, next thing I know it's 5pm! I kept checking my bends against the drawing, with the class monitors, and once with Porcu. In between, during the "down times" I helped out people -- we were all in the same boat with confusion at times.

Well below is the completed armature :) It looks great doesn't it -- happy, right -- like Charlie Chaplin. The most difficult parts were the bends in the hip socket to the greater trochanter. Hurt my hands doing it but hey it's done.

We have homework -- to make a cube of clay with very specific dimensions (from a bigger cube) for next week so that we can finally start sculpting the skull. Porcu said that when he was learning how to carve stone his teacher made him carve cubes, spheres, and cones for 6 months. That's it -- nothing else. "How can you think you're going to carve a human, if you can't even carve a simple cube?" was the rational. And so we are now tasked with making a simple cube for next week. Exciting!

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