Friday, December 3, 2010

Exhibiting and For Sale!

Ok, major updates! 3 of my painting will be hanging up in spots in the city this month! The first is a painting that I started last spring and has been TORTUROUS in finishing. I started it with Cenedella, so my method differed SO MUCH from what I do now with McKenzie. In finishing it I thought about how I would start this over using the McKenzie method, but hey I think it looks GREAT! I've gotten really great reactions to it so far! Importantly, the subject of the painting loved it. Stay tuned for a documentary that will feature me and her and talking about why this was painted and who she is and why I did it etc. I'll post that for sure when it's done.

It's on display starting Monday, Dec. 6, at the "Holiday Show and Sale" until Dec. 23 and I wonder if someone will actually purchase it.

The second is part a group show Small Works Exhibition at the Manhattan Borough President's Office. It's the little painting I started that was the first in a (perhaps) series of urban landscapes.

So these are the paintings that I've been coming home to every night until 1-2 am and working on, which explains my inability to update this blog.

Oh, almost forgot, the final painting on display is "Cecily" in the cafeteria.

I also like that I'm getting more comfortable with signing these as finished works; I think it's cool. And, if you want to see the progression of the first two painting, stop by and visit the albums below! Enjoy and, um, the paintings? They make wonderful stocking stuffers :P

And now to start a self-portrait due in class on the 16th...!

Urban Landscape1


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